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Health & Safety


Please see below a summary table of the various licences under which Viking Splash Tours are governed.  Whilst the table is self-explanatory, you are more than welcome to call us if you have any queries relating to any of the specific licences and permits listed.  Your contact person in this regard is Fergal Rogers and he can be contacted on 01-707-6000.



Viking Splash Tours holds the following insurance policies:

  • Road Fleet Policy
  • Marine Fleet Policy
  • Employers Liability
  • Public Liability

Click here to review our insurance documentation. 


Viking Splash Tours is committed to operating to the highest standards possible throughout all aspects of our business.
In order to ensure these standards are met and maintained, we have achieved and operate to ISO Accreditations 9001, 14,001 and 18,001.
Each year, our Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Systems are audited by an independent accredited Third Party to ensure compliance.

To view our current EQA certs, please click here.


At the water entry point, customers are required to put on a lifejacket after the driver delivers an outline about safety on the water. The lifejackets supplied by Viking Splash Tours are Solas and CE approved buoyancy aids (please see the link for a description of CE approval. *Note – lifejackets in link are not exact model.  
Seatbelts: Seatbelts are provided and all passengers are requested to wear them (with the exception of the water section of the tour, at which point the driver will ask all passengers to unbuckle seatbelts.  This is to enable the fastest possible egress in the unlikely event of an accident).

Before entering the water, eight 2 ½ metre heavy duty rubber sponsons (large inflatable tubes) are attached to the sides of the vehicle for added buoyancy. These tubes are not required to make the vehicle float and were not in use during World War II. They have been added by Viking Splash Tours for additional safety and comfort on the water.
RIB & ORL: Two staff members are on board every vehicle that enters the water and a third crew member remains on the shore to man a high-speed RIB (rigid inflatable boat) which contains a 37 person ORL (open reversible life raft) should there be an emergency on the water. It is worth noting that the RIB and ORL are additional safety features that Viking Splash Tours have on standby but, to date, have not needed to be utilised.

The second crew member is provided with a two-way radio, enabling instant communication with shore staff should an incident arise on the water. Radios are tested daily and logs are kept of all testing.

Each vehicle is equipped with an engine fire suppression system, two fire extinguishers, 2 boat-hooks and a 30-person first aid box for use in an emergency.