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  • What locations do City Splash Tour operate?

    We currently operate in Dublin under the Viking Splash brand and are currently looking for joint venture partners and franchisees to set up in other cities around the world.

  • How do I become a City Splash Tour franchisee?

    Please download the Franchisee brochure to understand what is involved in becoming a franchisee. If you would like to discuss the opportunity further, please contact our Business Development Manager, Yvonne Rogers, directly on +353 (0)86 1711936, or by email [email protected] to arrange an initial discussion about this unique and exciting opportunity.

    If both parties are interested to pursue the opportunity further following the initial discussion, we request all franchisees to complete a ‘Request for Consideration’ form. All information provided will be treated in a strictly confidential matter. 

  • Do you also operate joint venture business models?

    Yes, if you are interested in a joint venture model, please contact Yvonne Rogers, directly on +353 (0)86 1711936, or by email [email protected] to discuss the opportunity further.

  • What vehicles are used in City Splash Tours?

    City Splash Tours have exclusive access to the Salamander Amphibious Vehicle for Splash Tour operations. The Salamander has a number of design features which make it the ideal solution for any passenger amphibious travel requirements worldwide:

    • Designed to E.U standards for both road and marine
    • Euro VI engine emission standards compliant
    • Modern vehicle utilising a MAN high quality chassis and drive train
    • Built to ISO 9001 Quality Standards
    • Built to ships classification standards i.e. DNVGL and S.I 274:1985 inland waterways directive
    • Carries 36 passengers + 2 crew
    • Access for persons with limited mobility
    • Weather independent – fully enclosed

    More details and information can be found at

  • What Permits And Licences Are Needed To Operate A City Splash Tours?

    Below is a summary of typical licences required to operate a City Splash Tour. However, each location is unique and local requirements may differ somewhat. City Splash Tours secure the required licences in the respective territories.  

    • Passenger Ship Safety Certificate 
    • Waterways/Local Harbour Authority Annual Licence 
    • National Road Transport Operator’s Licence 
    • Road Passenger Licence 
    • Passenger Service Vehicle Licence 
    • Certificate of Roadworthiness 
    • Permit Under Road Traffic Construction and Use 
    • Certificate for Professional Competency (manager) 
    • Certificate for Professional Competency (drivers) 
    • Class D Drivers Licence 
    • Boatman/Boat Master Licence (if applicable)
  • What Insurances Are Required For A City Splash Tour Franchise?

    Below is a summary of typical insurances required to operate a City Splash Tour. City Splash Tours have negotiated preferential rates on the required insurance through their preferred supplier status.  

    • Public Liability
    • Employer’s Liability
    • Professional Indemnity
    • Manufacturer’s Liability
    • Product Liability
    • Fleet Policy
    • Marine Insurance
    • Engineering Policy
    • Motor Trade 
    • Commercial Combined
  • Do You Offer Vehicle Finance?

    While we do not provide financial support directly, we can recommend finance houses with pre negotiated preferential financial rates.  

  • Are There Any Particular Requirements For The Slipway?

    The slipway should:

    • Be at a slope no greater than 8 degrees
    • Wide enough to accommodate the vehicle, 4m+
    • Made from concrete or similar
    • Length should allow entry water at low tide
    • Have space for a turning circle at the top of the slipway to allow safe entry and exit
  • Do You Offer A Maintenance Support Package?

    Yes, all vehicle sales come with a 2-year warranty. After this, a maintenance support package comes into effect. During the set up process, City Splash Tours will identify local service agents to facilitate in the maintenance of the vehicles. All franchisees will be given an approved supplier list (ASL) from whom to purchase parts. 

  • What Training And Support Do You Offer?

    All franchisees are required to attend a two-week training course in Dublin ahead of opening their own City Splash Tour. This intensive training program provides you with an overview of operating a City Splash Tour including office, garage, sales and tour sessions.  Upon delivery of the vehicle, a member of our training team will also come to your site to assist in any further training you require in relation to the garage and/or vehicle. Head office is based in Dublin and offers a team of support staff focused on operations, R&D, leasing, customer service, training and franchise services. Support and mentoring is ongoing and is available from when the contract is signed through the duration of the license agreement. 

  • What Factors Do I Need To Consider When Considering Opening Up A City Splash Tour?


    • What is the population within a 30-minute travel time? 
    • What are the visitor numbers to the area?
    • Is there a body of water or river beside or close to main attractions?
    • Is there an existing slipway or area where a slipway could be constructed?


    • How many months could the tour run and between what times?


    • Is there suitable premises to maintain and store vehicles?
    • Do I have access to office space?


    • Is there a specific license required for boat drivers to carry passengers?
    • Is there a suitable supply of personnel with these licences in my area?


    • What competition exists in the area?
    • What is the average ticket price I could achieve from the tour?
  • How Long Will It Take To Set Up A City Splash Tour?

    A franchise will take approximately one year to set up depending on the local rules and regulations in relation to permits and water access. If there are already permits in place, this timeline can be reduced further.